Marcus Lim Way Voon

// Creative Director, Ease Communications
// Adjunct Lecturer, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Marcus has nurtured a deep passion for Art since he was young. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Advertising and Marketing in 1993. Upon graduation, his first love for Art and Design eventually drew him back to the pursuit of a career in the creative industry.

He started off as a graphic designer/ copywriter and he has never looked back. He eventually started Ease Communications in 1998 providing web and desktop publishing services.

Marcus has a huge appetite for Arts and design subjects. He believes that an artist today should not only be good in one discipline but must have wide interests, a thirst for new knowledge and continually upgrade one's artistic skills.

To share his experience in Art and Design, Marcus joined the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts of Singapore as an adjunct lecturer in 2006. He is currently lecturing the Arts Education modules with the Department of Arts Management & Education.  

He also teaches photography at Light Canvas Photography in his free time.